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Over 100+ Amazing Ways To Make Money in Nigeria this Year!

My good friend, James, is one of the smartest persons I know. But in December last year, he lost his job.

He used to work for one of the big Telecom companies, and his job was what you would consider as ‘steady’, ‘well-paid’ and ‘secure’.

But these days, nobody’s job is steady and secure in Nigeria, especially with the crazy economy.

Since the effects of the slump in international crude oil prices hit Nigeria, no less than 250,000 people in this country have lost their jobs across several sectors, especially in banking, oil and gas, and telecoms.

Sadly, this trend of job losses will likely continue throughout 2016 as Nigeria’s economy tightens further.

If your plan for this year is to brush up your CV and look for a job or a better one, I wish you the best of luck. Ask those who have been looking, there are no jobs anywhere.

Throughout history, in times of economic difficulty, salary earners are one of the worst hit, and they usually suffer the most.

That’s why 2016 is the year that entrepreneurship, and not employment, will be the best way to make a living in Nigeria.

James had never imagined he would ever be out of a job. Now, with a wife, three young children, and several relatives who depend on him, he has started thinking very seriously about ‘smart’ ways to make a living this year.

Fortunately, one person’s problem is another person’s opportunity. In this ebooks, I’m going to show you over 100 smart and amazing ways you can create opportunities for yourself in 2016.


By 2018, over 100 million Nigerians will need jobs.

Governments alone cannot provide these jobs. That’s why unemployment is a huge burden, and a major headache for every country in the world.

To avert a future of desperation, crime and violence, there is an urgent need to create jobs that will eradicate poverty, improve the quality of people’s lives, and bring economic prosperity to Nigeria.

But jobs don’t just exist. People create them.

That’s why entrepreneurs are special people. And Nigeria needs more of them, because they hold the keys to a brighter future for our country.

Our mission at LBO Ventures is to provide aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs with the information, inspiration, tools and guidance they need to exploit business opportunities, make money, create jobs, and impact millions of lives.

I’ll also give you real life examples and success stories of Nigerians like you who are already exploiting these lucrative business opportunities.

If you’re looking for proven business ideas and interesting opportunities you can exploit this year, then you should read this ebook.

The ebook version of ‘100 Ways To Make Money in Nigeria’ is now available for sale. It’s the best and most detailed compilation of lucrative business ideas, market opportunities and inspiring success stories from across Africa.

Sadly, only limited copies of the ebook will be sold because we all can’t be entrepreneurs. That is to say entrepreneurship is not for everybody but for a very few smart and hard working people.

So are you smart and hard working? If yes, Hurry now and get your copy of the ebook before we close this offer!


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The power to change the future is in our hands. Successful entrepreneurs know this. That’s why they think and act differently.



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