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Greetings to you all my fellow readers. I hope your day is going well as planned. It’s a pleasure for me having you guys here once more. I thank God almighty for making you and i to live till this moment in time so as for us to unleash that creating power within us.

Today i want to share with you the possible ways by which you can actually motivate yourself to become successful in life.

It’s a myth to believe the fact that each and everyone of us have a fixed personality that defines us. It’s self limiting which denies us power to continuous self creation.

In trying to determine the kind of person you wished for yourself , nothing has a greater impact on that process than the choice you make between been optimistic and pessimistic.

Do always remember that who we are is up to us every moment. The choice we make for our thinking determines whether or not it will motivate us to become that great man and woman we wished to become when proper action is said to be taking at the right moment in time so that you can live the life you want. Because a goal without an action plan is like someone swimming in a pool with his/her boot on, and you know what it means.

In my experience as a researcher and a writer. I have discovered some numerous ways of thinking that can lead to self motivation which energizes the mind and get us going and they are as follows.



You here the names of those great men and women here and there. You envied them that you so wish you could be like them. You take them as your role model that when you here someone called their names you are very curious to know whatsup about them. And when you are lucky enough to see them or bumped into them you feel like “where is my selfie stick I must not let this moment and opportunity pass me by” and you feel you are on top of the world having had a pics with them that is been hung on the wall in your living room.

But come to think of it. Have you ever create a time for yourself to read about their success stories. You only know that warren buffet was once the world richest man. Have you ever read his success stories on how he was able to achieve that fit of his? Do you think he just woke up one morning and “Gbam” he found himself there? Even the business tycoon you know in your vicinity didn’t just became what they are in a day, weeks or months. My dear brothers and sisters it took them years to achieve that greatness.

You can only help yourself by doing one thing, and that thing is for you to go and dig out those men success stories, read them and digest them. Visualize your goal and work towards them. Always remind yourself of these peoples stories each and every moment of your life and as you keep doing this it will drive that engine in you, motivate you and light up that burning desire to achieve success in life.



It is very evident that most of us never really focus when pursuing a particular course, and with this we end up loosing it, simply because we think about many things at a time thereby jeopardizing our goals.

Many of us have tried so hard battling not to loose focus in life, but the truth is that we are perpetually worried about so many negative possibilities rather   than focusing on our goals. We are been distracted by our worries and fears. But one thing am very sure of is that when you focus on what you want, it will definitely come into your life and when you focus on been a happy and motivated person, that is who you will be.

Keep your eyes on the price and never look away for even one second, work toward that dreams of yours today like you will never live to see tomorrow and see what will become of you.



in every circumstance we find ourself, we can look for the lost gold or filth. The best starting point for been self motivated is by what we choose to look out for in what we see around us. Do you see the opportunities around you?.

When you wake up in the morning like a rising star don’t allow the world to confront you with it’s impossibilities, but rather confront the world by grabbing all the opportunities you see around you and never let any pass you by.

There is this popular say “in the land of the blind only one man can see”. Opportunity is said to be life Gold. It’s every where only if you can see and identify one when you eventually come across it. It’s all you need to be happy. It is the fertile field in which you grow as a person. It is said to be like a sabatomic quantum particles that comes into existence only when they are seen by an observer. And it will only multiply when you choose to see them.

Why not make yourself happy by getting hold of all the opportunities surrounding you as it is the first step you need to take before you even think on the next phase of achieving success. Go out there and grab all those opportunity that is about to pass you by. “Yes” grab it now before it passes you.



you are the pilot of your own life and only you can determine the destination you are heading to. It is a pity that we don’t make out time to learn where our own buttons are or what they can do. You have to make it a personal duty to notice everything that pushes your buttons and take notes of everything that inspires you. That is your control panel as those buttons tends to operate your whole system of personal motivation.

Motivation doesn’t have to be accidental, for example, most times when i am less motivated to do something, the moment I read one’s success story or listen to some music which seems inspiring , then that spark in me would sprung up and then am good to go.

You have much more control over your environment than you realize. You can begin to programme yourself consciously to be more and more focused and motivated. Get to know your control panel and learn how to push your own buttons. The more you understand how you operate the, easier for you to motivate yourself and get going, and by so doing you are definitely trailing the path of achieving success.



Majority of us think that our lives accumulate each day. They think that their lives are been strung together like a long smoky train. In case you don’t know. Lives is now and not later on, and the more we hypnotize ourselves into thinking we have all the time in the world to do what we want to do, the more we sleepwalk past life’s finest opportunities. I remember the story of a legend named “ john wooden” he was the most successful   college basketball coach whose team has won about 10 championship in 12year life span. He achieved that great lofty height in is carrier a a coach when he held on to the word of his father who once said to him “ make each day a masterpiece” and ever since then he make sure his team put up their best in every game they find themselves whether in a training session or a competition while other coach will gear their players towards important games in the future. Wooden always focus on today as he took every practice session as important as any championship game. One thing I have come to understand is that the key to personal information is in your willingness to do very tiny thing today. Make today the proudest moment of your life. Be at your best today. A little touch here and a small touch there is what makes your day great. Today is a microcosm of your entire life. You were born when you woke up, and you will die when you go to sleep. It was designed this way so that you could live your whole life in a day. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Be at your best today because you never can tell it might be your last.



I believe that in any problem that one face in life, there is always a solution, and of every solution there seem to be a problem. You can’t have one without the other. Now, if someone come asking do you ever for once see your problem as a gift? The answer i will give to that person is that problems should be seen as a mind builder and as a motivator.

Deep down where our wisdom lives, we know that problem are good for us. By solving problems we will become more self sufficient. We will trust our mind more. We will become problem solvers. But it is so unfortunate that we tend to run away from them rather than solve them. We have demonized problem to such a degree that they are like monsters that live under the bed, and by not solving them during the day, we tremble over them at night.

Problems are not to be feared. Problems are not curses. Problem are simply tough games for the athletes of the mind and true athlete always long to get a game going.

I want you to see every problem in your life as a gift. Even illness because it can be such a powerful stimulus to change, as it’s the only thing that can force some people to resolve their deepest conflict in life. Ok, let me give you a very short story about an incident that happen to me few years back.

There is this lady i so much love, we have known each other since when I was 13 years of age. She was my soul mate. She is the kind of lady that all men would want to have as a wife because of her kind gesture and caring nature. She was an epitome of beauty.

Because of the love I have for her, I never gave a chance for any lady who seem to have interest in me come into my life. Am this kind of guy who sees double dating as a big “NO” and i detest anything of such. The going was smooth all way long. She do share are problems with me and we both put our heads together to find the possible way to curb such problems. I gave my all to her. Aside from my younger sister, she is the only lady have been so much closer to all my life, that I pray and hope that God should make her the mother of my kids someday. I never knew how dump and foolish my hopes were. I was completely in a “Lala-land” living in my own dreams. Not until one very sunny day. A day so sunny that you would think that the sun has expanded more than it’s usual size thereby increasing the intense of the heat.

I received the greatest shook of my life that very day when I discovered something strange, disheartening and disgusting about her. I prayed and fasted for days against all the atrocities that has befall her, hoping that someday things will get better for her.

My emotions were totally collapse. It was break down completely. I couldn’t feel myself any more. I could feel that sharp pain through my heart, it was as if a very hot sharp object like a spear was been pierced through me. I felt very dejected and was exasperated. It was an experience I prayed my enemy should never experience because at that moment my life was totally put on hold.

People around me seem not to understand i what was going through in my life at that moment as I was always seen been cheerful in the dawn, but at the dusk i was the shadow of my own self.

It was the third month of my emotional breakdown. I had three consecutive dreams of which it was revealed to me that she is never meant for me and I should forget everything that has ever happen and move on with my life. I woke up in the middle of the night, I pick up my phone and discovered that it was already quarter past three.

I sat down for some minutes, trying to recall all what i had in the dream and all of a sudden something happened. Something struck me of which i can’t even explain. It was like something came into me. I have never been so motivated like that before in my whole life.

Before I could say “jack Robinson” I found myself with my 5 in one exercise book which is supposed to be used for my school semester work. I took up my pen and began to write. I never knew i have such an amazing writing skill. It’s was as if i have been in the business for long. It was that moment i discovered that gift in me, and was able to see the possibilities of becoming a professional writer and a novelist at a long run. These prompted me to write my first book which is said to be published on a later date.

I never for once regret knowing her, because if not her I wouldn’t have discovered this special gift. I want you all to take my story as a learning piece. See your problem as a motivational tools that can transform you into something big and better in life and never allow any situation weigh you down.



It is very important to write down your goals and set a deadline of which you are to accomplish it. Never allow any situation deter the goals you have set to achieve. I know this would not be easy, but i believe if you are the discipline type and you have a very strong belief system, then you are not far from achieving your financial goals. Place the thought you want to remember into the jingle track in your brain so that it can’t get out. The trick is just to keep this motivation going. To deliberately feed your spirit with the optimistic ideas you want to live by. Any time a thought, sentence, or paragraph inspires you or opens up your thinking, you need to capture it, like a butterfly in a net, and later release it into your own field of consciousness.



It’s a pity that many of us are fond of restricting our thinking for no good reason. We do things simply because that’s the way we always do them; you need to think outside the box for the most innovative solutions possible to solve your problems.

You just don’t do something just because that’s the way it has always been done. “No” i say. The greatest business men and women are those who think outside the box. You don’t have to do things inside the box.

Great motivational energy occurs when we get out of the box and assume that the possibilities for creative ideas are infinite.

All of us tend to look at our challenges from inside a box. We take what we’ve done in the past and put it in front of our eyes and then try to envision what we call “the future.” Without knowing that it restrict our future.

I just want to use this medium to tell you all that, it’s only if you are motivated you can achieve that financial success you so desired. Remember the adage that says “success is sweet but the secret is sweat” I know what it takes me to write this piece. You have to be motivated. You have to work very hard, and by so doing the sky will definitely be your beginning and not your limit. Work hard in silence let your success be your noise.

Long live me, long live you, long live Africa, long live Nigeria.

You can share your own thought about other ways one can motivate his/herself by posting your own view in the comment box so as for us to learn and be motivated or even share it across to others so as to get them motivated. Thanks

Go for gold.

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