Some Aggressive Business Strategies To Use For The Present Tough Economy

Posted: June 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

The present state of business today most especially in Nigeria has turned the survival of the fittest that is only the fittest stay in business, lots of businesses are folding up, a good numbers of employers are being laid off all because of Hard time has shown his ugly face into our economy.

The truth is that at this tough times as a business man you need to employ tougher and an aggressive measures just like The Business Mafia to be able to stay in business if not the wind of change would swallow up your business just like the biblical Big fish swallowed Jonah. Here are some useful aggressive business strategies to help you match up with the big fish in the business world of today.

  1. Re-strategize your mode of Business operation

One thing is certain you cannot be applying the old business strategy and still expect to your business to remain relevant at this present time, the key is re-strategizing your mode of business operation, seek for better measures to make your customers or clients life easier but at a very attractive price. I like what is presently going on in our telecommunication industry, each telecom companies keep churning out fresh innovative and very attractive ideas that appeal to their customers. The efficiency, attractive price and flexibility you bring into your business would drive in more customer base to your business, those offering the best packages win it all; I think our business should take a cue from what is happening in the Telecom industry. But note while unleashing your innovations do it on a day-to-day level; too much innovation is traumatic and might result to revolt. To be on the safe side like mothers nursing her baby with nourishment day after day nurse your consumers with your innovation, humans are habitual creatures, make your innovations look like a gentle improvement of the past.

  1. Follow up your competitors closely

Be abreast with the necessary information going on in your competitor’s camp, if it is possible for you to buy one of your competitor’s staff to feed you with information on their plans and strategies do it and don’t be apologetic about it. The business world today is cruel and harsh you need to be tougher and stronger to stand the heat, through your competitors off balance with the gotten information and stay ahead. You can also work with their own ideas that is seeking for ways to better their own ideas for example “Chukwudi and sons company” released product A today, as a smart business owner derive means to better the A and come out with an A+ (This simple application was applied by the two giant brewery industry in Nigeria when both companies came up with “Orijin and Root”.

  1. Employ Innovative and capable hands

Always learn to use the knowledge, ideas and legwork of other people in return for a juicy pay or salary to further your own cause. Employ only the best and capable hands, pay people to think for you, never be the Alpha and Omega of your business. There are over a thousand and one smart and intelligent chaps out there, whose brilliant ideas are lying fallow because of capital, get the ones that appeal to you, fund their ideas, get the glory and smile to the bank. One of the few business owners embracing this principle is Mr Tony Elumelu with his “TEEP” project, I therefor encourage other entrepreneurs to embrace this strategy so we can lighten up great ideas for own use.

  1. Cut out all unfruitful Vine

Just like Jesus coursed the vine that yielded no fruit, lay off the unfruitful staffs with little or no results. This might sound cruel but it is the bitter truth, your business could die as a result of their unproductive output, so it is best you cut down all excess baggage. Due to the present economic situation many companies are applying this principle, so as an employer you need to be at the top of your game to remain gainfully employed and as a business owner you need be also at your very best to remain relevant in the business world today. Today’s cooperate world has gone beyond just sitting on the office chair without doing nothing, it is now a “you scratch my back and I scratch yours” affair.

  1. Initiate an aggressive but creative marketing scheme

Transform your product and services from a need to a necessity through the invention of fresh, creative and aggressive marketing scheme into your business. There are so many products out there that consumers can do without but because of the clouded screen illusion the manufacturers have created around the products through aggressive marketing, consumers now pictures such products as necessities. For proper analysis compare most TV commercials of about 5 years ago and Today’s TV commercials, the difference is that the old commercial portrays their product as the right choice but the present TV commercial portrays their product not as a choice but must have, or a necessity. To be relevant in today’s business world you must force your product into the hands of your consumers creatively.

I call the present economic situation ‘The Lion’s den’ just like the Lion you have to be fierce, cruel and intelligent business wise to survive. Once again I hope I have been able to add some values into our lives, thanks for reading.

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