3 Lies Preventing You From Starting Your Business

Posted: June 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

A lie is a lie, no matter what, a lie can never become a truth. A lot of people have the potential and the idea that can transform their lives, but because of these three lies, they allow the ides rotten inside of them, here are three.

1. I Can’t Do It
This is the greatest lie that people tell themselves, I can’t, they forgot that whatever you tell your brain is what manifests in your actions, and telling you brain you can’t is the greatest disservice you can do yourself. What’s your can’t lie – I don’t have money, I have never done anything business before, what if I start and fail? Stop telling yourself all these, if you have the idea, then you can, take the bold step out of your cocoon, and achieve greatness.

2. They are just lucky
There’s nothing such as luck in business, the only luck that’s present is the one that comes with hardwork, just like Thomas Jefferson said “I found out that the more I work, the more luck I seem to get.”
Don’t believe in luck, believe in hardwork, believe in your idea, and work hard to market it, make the right connections, talk to the made ones in the business, seek help from family and friends, then that luck you thought they had will be what others think helped you. Don’t lie against luck, it’s hardwork.

3. I don’t have money
I have talked about this before, because this is the most rampant lie I see people tell themselves for not launching into business. Money should never be an issue if you are ready to free yourself from hand to mouth living. I won’t blame you but suggest a solution, which is START SMALL. You don’t have to have everything at the begining, you accumulate those overtime.

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