7 Powerful Tools That One Need To Posses To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

Posted: May 31, 2016 in Uncategorized

Good day my fellow readers, it’s been a pleasure having you guys here as I present to you my very first blog post. Today I am delighted to share with you the necessary and most important tools you need to posses to become a successful entrepreneur that want to be in control of his own wealth, who want to create that landmark that no one has ever reached or achieve, who want to be his own boss, who want to be independent, who want to be a great icon on the niche they chose to explore and wants to be celebrated for the lives they have touched and for the great impact they have immensely contributed to the development of their economy and to the world at large.

I know you are willing to know what those 7 powerful tools are, I know you would be wondering what those tools would be and how they can also trigger that spark in you that will braze you up to become that great business man or woman to be looked upon. It will be a thing of a great interest as we take a look at those powerful tools you need to know or adhere to before you can be an entrepreneur, not just only been an entrepreneur but a very successful one and they are as follows: 


Been a positive thinker is said to be one of the most important and essential tool you need to posses as an entrepreneur. It’s a pity that a vast amount of people especially the young ones of these generation are too fond of been pessimistic rather than been optimistic as they always see only those negativity involve in starting their own business than looking at the positive side of it. “Haa”!! I can’t just put my money into these business because if these happens it will result to these”, were always the word so many people do utter to shy away from starting their own business venture without knowing what that business would have become in few years to come. If were to be that “Mrs Folorunsho Alakija” a big business owner who knows the risk of running an oil and gas company which could be destroyed by a little fire outbreak still venture into such business with which she would have lost billions of naira (A fortune) have eventually shy away from investing her hard earn money into it, she wouldn’t have achieve that greatness today as she never allow those negative thought to be the bedrock of her business. if she can achieve that then why not you?

She never allow the risk involve deter her dreams or vision. She saw an opportunity, saw both the positive side and negative side of it , how it can be beneficial to her and the economy. She saw the problems in the society and without looking back invested in it, thereby providing an optimum solution to solve the problem.

She might not have gotten that financial success she might not have been extremely rich not to talk of becoming the richest woman in Africa. You have to be positive at all time to be at the top of your game no matter the obstacle that might come your way and always have the mind of doing a business to succeed and not to fail because positive thinkers do get powerful result.


It is so obvious that many people are afraid of taking a risk and these have made countless number of people to be at a point for years without them been successful or progressive. Haven’t you notice that some business men and women even the ones who lives in your neighborhood and do sell in a shop or kiosk at the roadside have been in business for years and there have been no growth or improvement of such not to talk of expanding their business nor having another branch.

This may sound funny but the truth must be told. There is this man I have known right from when I was in primary school, I was informed he has been a bus conductor even right before I was born, who feed his family and send his children to school through this means. After some years of not setting my eyes on him, just sometime this year i bumped into him at a place known as “CMS” Lagos Nigeria arguing with a passenger while hanging on a bus with grey hair on his head and beard which shows that he is of age.

i was surprise because this is some one that has been in this same business for almost three decade and yet make money from it daily and cannot even boast of a tokunbo bus which he can use to start his own transport biz.

You can be a graduate or an undergraduate, you can be educated or not, you can be an employer or an employee who owns that small business venture. your business is yet to taste growth because of your inability to take risk and step up your game. The truth is that many are destined to be rich in life, but if they fold their arms and do nothing to make that destiny of theirs become a reality then they have made a very great loss in life. Just like the saying goes “ faith without work is dead”. Your destiny is said to be in your hands and only you will determine whether you can achieve that greatness or not in life, just as your faith is your conductor while your hard work is your driver that will take you to your destination, you are the master controller of your life and destiny.

The people of Israelite were destined to reach the promise land and when they disobeyed God they never did, thereby changing their own destiny. You just have to take that risk cos you never can tell it might lead you to your financial breakthrough.



For you to become a successful entrepreneur and a great business man in that niche you chose to explore, you are not only required to take risk, but mind you that risk must be a calculated risk. You have to be very sensitive and must be very careful when you are to make any vital decision at any point in time. You have to be calculative, you have to brainstorm yourself, you have to do some mathematical check so that when things eventually goes wrong at the long run it can be quickly re- address without much effect on your business while it still stand firm and strong.



This is one of the most powerful tools an entrepreneur must possess. Over the years it has been so evident that many entrepreneurs are afraid of growth. It may sound so funny but that is the evident truth cos have meet and consulted with most of them, share most of my ideas as regards how they can improve their business, but what they will keep saying is that they would “try”, and at the end they would do nothing.

There is this friend of mine who was into one of the fast selling business today. He is doing well as he was making profit from that business of his of which I am very much aware of. He called on me telling me he has been thinking on how he would expand his business. We sat and discuss on how this can become a reality as he has lots of potential customers. I shared my own idea on what I think would be of the best interest of the development of the business, but the next thing shook me “my friend, this idea wey you bring na very good, but I no go lie you I dey fear ooo. E be like say I go just they manage am like this”, was the word he said.

One thing I want everyone to understand is that most time what one may run away from may come after that person and when it does what will you do?. According to a philosopher named John wooden he said failure is simply an opportunity to begin again, but this time more intelligently. It is said to be the foundation of success and the means by which it is achieved”.

You don’t have to be afraid of what you think might come your way if you are on the verge of taking that bold step. When that fears approaches attack, fight and destroy it cos you are born to win, rule and overcome.



Setting your goals and making a good business plan is one of the essential tool that one need to posses to become a very successful entrepreneur. For you to become a successful business man or woman you must try as much as possible to draft and map out those important and vital measures to be taking at every point in your business so as to guide you on the development of your business to reach that lofty height you have always wanted it to be.



Procrastination is said to be an abortion to destiny. You want to start a particular type of quest or business that will bring you financial breakthrough but yet you still don’t want to venture into it . People that are found to be victims to this always use the word “ i will” and before they knew it one year is gone, two years is gone , three years is gone. “ok i think it is time for me to do it”, and yet they will still do nothing until the fourth year has come and gone. It is a pity that majority of us fall into this categories. How I which we humans don’t procrastinate I know for sure that the world would have been more develop than it is today cos they are so many people who have lots of unique qualities and would have made the world a better place but are been enslave by this.

I know it is very difficult to avoid such cos it seems to be human nature which we can seldom avoid, and it requires the highest level of discipline to fight it hard so as to escape from it as it occurs almost in our everyday lives. But I know and believe we can be very conscious of it by trying as much as possible to quickly start what we believe in doing without allowing time to pass us by.

If you check yourself very well you will observe that you most time find yourself doing the right thing at the wrong time and if you carefully check back there was a time you ought to have done that particular thing but as a result of laziness you refuse to, thereby doing the wrong thing at the moment you are suppose to do be doing what seems right.

So as an entrepreneur who wants to grow and succeed in his or her own business you must not allow that destiny stealer (procrastination ) to be part of you. This now bring us now to the final tool which is also very essential.


Every entrepreneur need not to be told that prayer is the master key. No matter the religion you are (Christian or Muslim) you have to put your business in the hands of God almighty, because it is only through him our achievement and success can be attained or made.

Am using this medium to say a very big thank you to the good people of this nation. This i have shared with you shouldn’t be taken like pinch of salt as it is the only way you can become that great entrepreneur or business man you have always wanted for yourself, for as I know and believe that without any of this character trait that has been mentioned above there is high certainty that your dream of being a great entrepreneur shows that you are just in a lala-land which I do refer to as a(dream world).

May God almighty the all sustainer give you the grace and the strength to achieve your dream cos I know someday you will not only be successful but you will also be celebrated by the world.

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