17 Things Young Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Church Planters

Posted: May 31, 2016 in Uncategorized

It’s no more news we have several denominations of churches in Nigeria to the extent that three different denominations can acquire spaces in the same building. As there are many true men of God and Church planter (or General Overseer G.O) we cannot dispute the fact there are many fake ones out there. However, true or false a Church planter might be, planting a new church is not as easy as people think.

Arguably all Christians already have a denomination they attend; convincing them to join your own brand is a heavy task. These write up focus on how young and aspiring entrepreneurs can apply the principle the Church planter use to their own business. Let’s get it rolling.
1. THEY START SMALL: Every church planter started small. Some even rent room as small as a shop to start. As a young entrepreneur, don’t wait till you have it big, all you need is the vision driven by your passion for your business choice.
2. THEY SEE EVERYBODY AS POTENTIAL MEMBER: In your case everybody is a potential customer or clients. You approach everybody with respect due a customer, whether they’ve bought from you or not.
3. THEY EVANGELIZE: This is pure marketing. When you don’t market people won’t know what you sell. You must set up a working marketing strategy. “Cold call” i.e. marketing to somebody you’ve never met before must be of high priority. From cold call you’ll start to get ‘referrals’ so far you maintain quality standard of your good and services.
4. THEY DON’T GIVE UP EASILY ON POTENTIAL MEMBER: You don’t give up or conclude a person will never buy your product simply because they reject it once or even twice. I remember my days as an insurance marketer; the people you taught are likely going to buy most time end up being the frustrating ones. But out of a blue after so many seasons, they’ll just pulp up and start looking for you.
5. THEY MAKE FRIENDS WITH OTHER G.O: You’ll need to have a business friend who runs the same or similar business as yours, preferably not in the same area as yours. These friends update you on trends and how things are unfolding in their area.
6. THEY HAVE MENTORS: In business, these are people you run to when things go the way you were not expecting. All you need from them is their mentorship through their experience in the said business. Remember they’ve pass through that stage too.
7. THEY START WITH THEIR FAMILY: Before marketing outsiders you don’t know, try as much as possible to convince your immediately family into believing in your business. It says a lot about your business.
8. THEY ENDURE HARDSHIP OF START UP: I remember a church planted behind our former apartment, the pastor started with just his family for almost a year before they could get a member. Today the church is a big one. Never let the hardship or low patronage discourage you, it’s gradual.
9. THEY SACRIFICE A LOT: Sometimes you’ll have to sacrifice just to win a customer’s heart. My brother wanted to sell his Asha300 just to buy charger for his newly given Techno android which has a bad battery. Getting to the vendor, the man advice him not to sell his nokia for charger but rather find some money to buy android battery. He then dashed him an android charger. Tell me my brother won’t advertise this guy.
10. THEY ADVERTISE: This is more like general awareness through sign post, placards, advertising online or on radio/Television.
11. THEY CREATE PROGRAMS THAT ATTRACT PEOPLE: This depend on your type of business. Instead you can support a program where you are sure your business will be showcase and appreciated.
13. THEY ARE BRANDED: This is highly important as your brand is your identity. You’ll have to chose a unique brand name and register it before somebody steals your idea or to be sure nobody already bears that name. Get a unique logo also and don’t use a name very similar to an already known brand.
14. THEY TREAT FIRST TIME MEMBER LIKE A V.I.P.: You know what they say about first impression? It can chase away you customer totally. Remember when you chase a customer away, you’ve also block all the referrals that might come through him.
15. THEY AFFILIATE WITH BIGGER CHURCH INSTEAD OF FOLDING UP: This is a measure one can take when business is on the brink of collapsing. Remember Intercontinental bank and co.
16. THEY PRAY FERVENTLY: I’m sure most people will not want to hear this, but it’s the simple truth. Prayers will save you a lot of headache relating to your business. Prayer is your best insurance. Fervent prayers will also guide you on what to do at a T-Junction.


17 Church Planters smile & greet everybody, not minding their age
I wanted to add insurance too as it’s a better way of securing your business, actually it’s a must in some countries but the trust issue with our insurance firm is still in the balance. You can insure though. Good luck in your new business.

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