Benefits Of Knowing Your Account Officer In Nigerian Banks

Posted: May 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

Most of the time an average Nigerian bank customer thinks that having account officers is exclusively for rich and influential customers. This is the main reason why most account holders do not know who their account officers are. The truth here is that all accounts are tagged to an account officer, which means that as an account holder you have an account officer.

In this article am going to write on the benefits of knowing and using the services of your account officers in Nigeria. Since customer service is now the difference maker in the industry, every bank is now trying as much as possible not just to get the customers, but to also have a relationship with them as well.

The above is the reason why most banks refer to account officers as “relationship officers” and in reality the bank expects these officers not just to manage accounts, but to also manage these customers and have a cordial business relationship with them.

Now let’s go right into it, these are what you will benefit by using the services of your account officers:

When you are indisposed to come to the bank to make
inquireries about your account, just call your account officer on phone and he/she will get the job done.

When you issue a cheque, simply call your account officer before your beneficiary gets to the bank, this will eliminate thedelay that comes with the confirmation process.

Yes even your account officer can come to your home or office to collect your documents and reactivate your dormant account while you are cooling off somewhere.

That’s his job! they need to keep you in business so that thosemoney will keep rolling in. They intimate you on the best and latest credit facility that will keep your business afloat.

Although there is no standard policy on this, but then this is where relationship comes in, while you are busy with some important matters, you can call your account officer and send a cheque across and he will bring the money right there in your door step.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but more benefits of a cordial relationship with your account officers can be cultivated as the need arises. Don’t know your account officer? don’t worry, just walk into any branch and go straight to the customer service desk to make inquiries, demand for his or her phone number and it will be given to you.

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