What Does Your Business Card Say About Your Business?

Posted: May 10, 2016 in Uncategorized

I attended a business networking event few days ago and i had the opportunity to network with some small and medium scale business owners. I got to exchange business cards with these entrepreneurs while looking forward to do business with them.

The networking was not that extensive, we just had some few minutes to pitch to one another our products and services, so no one would be very sure of doing business with the other party. But we still exchanged business cards. This means if you ever want a chance to win a client from that party of business owners to yourself, they have to contact you through your business card.

So i got down looking through the cards i had with me to see which business excites me incase i had to deal with any one of them for my personal benefits and on behalf of my clients, today or in the near future. Honestly, i wasn’t quite moved emotionally to contact each one for business. This bland experience of non-excitement was worrisome to me. But Why? When it was clear that these business cards are the main tool the business owners used to promote and project their businesses. The cards ought to be the main channel for proper and fruitful networking with other business owners. Then why did i feel so unexcited? It was clear these business cards were missing something – They were missing the USP – Unique Selling Point (or rather unique selling proposition).

Lets take a look at one example, while disregarding the graphic design and focusing on the essential details (names and other details have been changed)

JSSA Security and Protection Services

John Samuel

Security Guards, Armed Escort, Training, Consultancy

(at the back)


Office Address


Like most business cards, that is how the traditional packaging is. Just provide channels of contact, name of business, address, website, email, and list of core services or products.

Now can you see in that business card above, it is missing the USP, the selling point that can trigger passion and emotions in the receiver of the card.

Now lets rewrite the card like this:

JSSA Security and Protection Services

John Samuel A.

“We Passionately Protect the Important Things in Your Life”

Security Guards, Armed Escort, Training, Consultancy

(at the back)


Office Address


You can see we have added one line of the USP in the card. Now how did you react to it? Did it stir up something inside of you? If you had this card with you, the usp would likely make you think about having security for the important things in your life, and there is a likely hood that when you need security services you would contact jssa securities. The USP can be more bolder than all the words and should have a larger font to give it a louder “voice”.

Now you also need to know that you can pass a business card to another person. Imagine if you shared your business card which includes your well crafted USP in it, and people keep passing it around, there would be a high chance of securing clients as compared to the traditional type of business card designs that removes the focus from a well crafted USP. The one we are used to tells you to just put in your business details and you are fine cheesy

If you already have your business cards that has all the necessary information about your business but no USP yet, then redesign it and include a WELL THOUGHT OUT USP. If you are about creating one then don’t disregard this powerful point which has a great potential to grow your business.

Thanks for reading.

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