How To Get Good Result From SMS Marketing

Posted: May 10, 2016 in Uncategorized

SMS remains the most effective means of marking. With over 95% open rate, It gets the attention required when it drops on recipients mobile phone. But a lot of people don’t know how to use this tool.

Use the following steps to get result from SMS marketing.

List Building will help grow your business beyond your imagination, you need to start paying attention to that as it will help you engage your clients, even if it’s just 100 numbers, you can start from there. Send SMS campaign to people that are familiar with your brand to be on the top of their mind, and serving them well will let them tell your story. Any company with a poor database is a failing company because they will struggle to hit their target in the Market share. if you don’t have a client list you could buy targeted database from a reputable Advertising Agency or Bulk SMS portal.


If your message is not adding value don’t send it. Make your customers/potential customers look forward to receiving your NEXT text. For example send SMS to Appreciate them, Send them goodwill messages on their birthday and don’t keep them in the dark when you are running a promotion.
Every text must carry a value.

3: Schedule future SMS (How to schedule a message)
If you know you might be choked with some activities that will not give you room to send messages to your clients, either goodwill messages on their birthday, you have the medium to queue up those messages by scheduling them to your desired time, you don’t need to bother coming online, else you want to check your delivery reports.


Let each SMS address your customer by their name, doing this will let your customer know its a special text for them – it makes them feel loved, thereby strengthening your brand. For example: Dear Mr. Ayuba, we know you like doing your laundry every weekend. Should we come and pick them up? Get 50% off if you send YES to 08022845523.

For more on effective Bulk SMS Marketing visit

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