7 Must-Have Qualities For Business Success

Posted: May 10, 2016 in Uncategorized

Business, business, business…. In a generation where revolution moves so fast even at the speed of light, different inventions, improvement of already long existing inventions, anyone venturing into or already in business must think and act fast with the revolution. It is a common say that if you buys something new and latest, you should not rest on the fact that it is latest because while the thought of using a latest is radiating in your head, so is a means of creating an improvement of that same product radiating in the head of the maker if it is not already in process.

It is a well known fact that while some businesses start with little and become so large today, so are some other businesses that started big or small crashed in the first few years of their start.
Building a business starts from the mind and the sustenance or crash comes afterwards. Every business that starts, either as a sole proprietorship, partnership or public sharing businesses and the rest will always be aimed at becoming larger irrespective of how it starts, small or large.

The success and failure of businesses follows the principle of living a life. As there are qualities to living a good and successful life, so is business.

For a business plan in mind or operational to grow to the level of success and relevance, here are the ‘must have’ qualities.

This sure gives the energy needed to hurdle obstacle and tackle the seemingly impossible tasks – Perseverance.
The problem with most businesses is the lack of preparation for possible challenges. A business that focuses only on the benefits attached to it and not the equivalent challenges is destined for failure. Being proactive majorly about the challenges ahead and ambitious sure generates a strong attitude and drive in tackling even unexpected challenges.

This includes traits such as honesty, integrity and a concern for people. A business that cares more about how much it would make rather than what people will feel is liable to crash.
Quality must be a watchword of every businesses. A business cannot grow large if it lacks quality in service rendering or production. It is often said, quality product or service attracts big people.
One has to be disciplined to attain this standard. And this must be impacted on employees in the business. 80% of your time should be focused on running the business following good work ethics and not let the business run you.

Optimism in taking risks and preparation for whatever comes afterwards makes a good business. While you are so optimistic about a risk, so should the mind be prepared for possible disappointments and moving on without fear or emotional breakdown. Courage is not a feeling, it is a decision. –Being not afraid of failing.
And bear in mind that there is no unique business. Every business already exists and still operational by others. Remember lots of people must have been in the business before you. There must sure be competitors. Rather than make those competitions discourage you, develop an active orientation of pushing back and harder than they push at you.

It is also known as the RIGHT ATTITUDE. It allows you to adhere to the fulfillment of your goals every minute of the day because you are confident that you will obtain a good result. It also gives the ability to take responsibilities, proactiviness to figure out ways to avoid poor results and the ability to make decisions regardless of popular opinions in accordance with your business vision knowing what the end result will look like.

An ability to “think on one’s feet” and change easily when necessary. This is a key component to success. Thinking outside the box –beyond the imagination of others pushes any business to greater heights ahead of competitors. Creativity is like a talent. Not everyone possess it. One does not have to be conceptual to attain success. If you cannot create your own concept, you can always build and improve on other people’s concept. No one lacks all.

When you discover yourself more than anyone else, you will be able to control the situations you allow yourself to be involved in. As stated above, not everyone is conceptual. But one can build on others’ concepts. And when you know others more than they know themselves, you will be able to take the right approach when working with them.
When someone knows you better than yourself, you will always find yourself in a ‘mess’ wandering how you got there.

Putting peoples’ need above your own is one great quality of making a business successful as described in No 2. When you help people WIN in a unique way, you will get what you need as a result. Give to people what they need in a good and entertaining style and positive relationship, and they will come back at your door next day to request for another and also verbally advertise you without paying them. This will sure accelerate your success. ‘Soft Skills are more important than ‘Technical Skills’.

Get up, if you have a business in the making, or an ongoing one, check those qualities, respect them and move on. The sky is just the beginning.

Meet you at the top.

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